Cleaning company Viku

Cleaning company Viku is a real family company with all its benefits. Together, we focus on a long term strategic cooperation. With cleaning company Viku as your partner, you can be sure that your housekeeping is meticulously taken care of! We don’t want to be the largest in our field, but the best! We also facilitate you in carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning in a professional and eco-friendly manner. Our qualified staff have been ready to make your hotel look at its best with a smile for 15 years.

Our staff is your business card!

Hospitality is the basis of your business. Your guests have high expectations with regard to the care of the rooms and the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff. The behaviour and appearance of our employees is essential for the representativeness of your organisation. We are highly aware of this. This is why we invest in representative, motivated and qualified staff. Personnel that provides just that little bit extra. Representative, motivated people with the right attitude.

This is why handle the recruitment and selection of our staff ourselves. We invest in our people, which results in satisfied employees who have a passion for their job. All employees follow an internal training course focused on the work, products, hygiene and safety. We also facilitate the option to follow the basic cleaning course with hotel cleaning module. A course in hospitality and representation is also part of the skilled, welcoming hotel service representative training. After all, we are part of the image of your company. Our people are a representative business card for your organisation in all aspects.

The cleaning company Viku approach: quality control through an app!

Viku is your welcoming and innovative partner. Our open company culture inspires employees to perform to the best of their abilities. Our staff stand for quality and hospitality with a smile. Our product and our services are never finished. We keep investing in quality and are very innovative in this field. In order to meet our and your quality requirements and to level the bar of or quality standards, we have developed an app. This app provides digital insight in the quality of the housekeeping. This results in qualitative, efficient and effective housekeeping.

Digital insight into the quality of our cleaning company.

In order to adjust our housekeeping to your needs and wishes and ensure the best possible quality, our cleaning company works with an app. An app that enables us to individually assess and coach our employees. This makes the provided quality completely transparent at the individual level. Employees receive personal guidance and coaching in this manner. Using all data in the app, we can provide you with comprehensive digital information, including pictures, enabling us to ensure our quality even better.

Green Key cleaning company

Our cleaning company operates according to the criteria of the Green Key label. But also in accordance with the standards of all other environmental labels. We do everything to save the environment, without compromising on the comfort and quality of the guests of our clients. We take an extra step than required by normal laws and regulations.

Cleaning Company Viku observes the CSR policy.

Our cleaning company operates in a socially responsible manner. This means that we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Caring for the environment is an integral part of our business operations and strategy. For each decision, we consider the various social, economic and environmental effects and we take into account the interests of our employees, clients and other stakeholders.

People, Planet, Profit

The basis of CSR is a correct balance between People, Planet and Profit, or between the social, environmental and economic aspects. Our business results must be coordinated in terms of financial feasibility, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.

Cradle to Cradle

The ultimate form of sustainable entrepreneurship is Cradle to Cradle (C2C). Our cleaning company works according to the C2C principle. This means that the resources we use can be fully reused without losing their value. We observe this in all our work processes, from cleaning products to packaging to transport.

Responsible market behaviour code

Cleaning company Viku works with ergonomic materials and has signed the responsible market behaviour code. This means that our cleaning company accepts and implements contract in a socially responsible manner with respect for the quality of our services while considering the human aspect.

Cleaning company with OSB label

Cleaning company Viku meets the NEN 4400-1 standard and has the OSB label. A cleaning company that is a member of the OSB branch organisation guarantees quality and is financially reliable. As member of OSB, we are annually inspected by an independent institution. Thanks to the OSB label, you can be sure that your cleaning company works professionally and properly in terms of services, staff and administration.

Donations to charity

We annually donate an amount to charity. We involve clients and staff who each make a small contribution per room. Our employees choose from a selection of charities.

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