Carpet Cleaning

Looking for a carpet cleaning company that really cleans your carpet or carpeted floor? Carpet cleaning with 100% satisfaction guarantee? VIKU carpet cleaning guarantees you a spotless carpet that looks like new. Eco-friendly, too!

Benefits of Viku carpet cleaning

Even though you regularly vacuum your carpet or floor, dust remains. Cleaning company Viku truly cleans your carpet, using a cleaning system recommended by carpet suppliers. An eco-friendly carpet cleaning system that offers you many advantages:

Dry carpet cleaning: your carpet is directly accessible

A spotless carpet with 100% satisfaction guarantee

100% biodegradable

Deep cleaning without damaging your carpet

No recurring dirt or stains

Perfect for people with a dust mite, mould or cat allergy

Reduction of allergy-inducing substances and moulds

No deterioration of the impregnation/coating

We provide high quality and effective carpet cleaning at a good price. Regular cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your carpet. The maintenance costs will also be lower. Our cleaning system saves costs in the long term.

Stain spray

Viku has three private label stain sprays which are indispensable in any organisation or household. Stains Spray Bye Bye Spot is a stain remover for all kinds of difficult stains or dirt. Bye Bye Gum is a special gum remover that works without nitrogen. Stain spray Bye Bye Coffee is specifically designed to remove coffee stains. Read more about the stain sprays.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning with Host

For carpet cleaning, we use an eco-friendly cleaning system: Host. The Host cleaning systems is a dry cleaning system, making your carpet immediately accessible. The Host Carpet Cleaning system is the only carpet cleaning system to have a Green Globe certification. The deep cleaning technology uses sponges that are impregnated with a biodegradable cleaning agent. The sponges are brushed into the carpet and absorb the dirt. The full sponges are then brushed back up and your carpet will be spotless and as new. Recurring stains are a thing of the past and 80% of the dust mites and allergens will be removed.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning with Rotowash

Your carpet is sprayed with Viku stain spray for the Rotowash carpet cleaning. This stain spray loosens and crystallises the dirt. We then brush the pollution away using two counter-rotating brush rollers. The dirt finally ends up in a reservoir using a rotating roller. Your heavily polluted carpet or floor will be spotless after a Rotowash carpet cleaning treatment.

Carpet cleaning for all carpets

Both the Host and the Rotowash carpet cleaning systems are deep cleaning systems and suitable for all types of carpets or floor. Both cleaning systems fit the Green Key policy. From synthetic, cotton to woollen carpets, high pile to low pile, project carpet or sensitive rugs.

Do you want a spotless carpet or floor? Contact us today. We would be happy to inform you about the carpet cleaning possibilities.

Furniture cleaning

Viku is also your go-to partner for furniture cleaning. The spray-extraction method is a very effective approach to furniture cleaning. We spray your furniture with our Viku stain spray. After allowing it to work for a short period, we suck up the Viku stain spray with the pollution. This method has a short drying time.

Is your furniture or upholstery in need of a facelift? Contact us today. We would be happy to inform you about the type of furniture cleaning most suitable for your furniture.

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